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What's the difference between a Webponder Member and a Webponder Expert?
Last updated: 10/03/2012
There are some very important distinctions between "Members" and "Experts" on Webponder.com.

Members of Webponder are people who are seeking advice, not people who are giving advice, it is always free to join Webponder as a Member.

Experts on Webponder are people who are on Webponder to GIVE advice, and are listed in the Expert Directory.  Just to clarify, a person who wishes to GIVE advice on Webponder needs to register as an Expert, not as a Member.

Another important distinction is that a Member's Webponder Profile is not public, and there is no way for a visitor to Webponder to search for or browse Members.  However, an Expert's Webponder Profile is listed in the Expert Directory, and can be found by browsing the directory, searching for that particular person in the search bar, or searching that person's main category, sub-category, geographical location, or keywords that may be found in their profile.

There is also a difference in the type of information that is entered during registration.  Members fill out a very brief profile, as their is little benefit to spending time filling out this information because no one can view Member's Profile information.  However, an Expert MUST fill out a complete profile, including a good clear photo and text to describe themselves and their expertise.

In summary, if you are looking for advice, simply fill out the left side of the registration on the Get Started page where it says "I am looking for advice."  If you are here to give advice, simply fill out the right side of the registration on the Get Started page where it says "I am an Expert."

I hope this article helps.  If you have inadvertently registered as a Member and you wish to be an Expert, either register as an Expert using a different email (that you regularly check), or email info@webponder.com so that Webponder Customer Service can square away the issue.
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