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What to look for when choosing an Expert
Last updated: 04/30/2012

So you have an issue, question, or problem…well thankfully Webponder.com is the right place to come for an answer. Now all you have to do is choose an Expert to video consult with.

Where do you start? Easy, you have two options:

  • Type a keyword into the search bar, choose the category you think your question falls under, and click “Search” or
  • Visit our R.E.D., our Reliable Expert Directory, where you can choose a category and sub-category, and then see which Experts have what you are looking for.

As you discover Experts that you are leaning towards, drag and drop them into the “Compare Experts” section on the right.  The “Compare Experts” page will allow you to easily compare various parameters such as rating, location, and price.

For more details on an individual Expert, click on that Expert’s profile, where you can view their experience, areas of education, background information, or even view their uploaded resume.

Before you make a final decision on which Expert to consult with, keep in mind:

  • You can sometimes test an Expert out with a free trial consultation to see how you like them before making a commitment on a longer consultation.
  • Just because an Expert does not have a ton of reviews does not mean they are unqualified or inactive, it likely just means they are new to the site.  Don’t hesitate to give someone new a shot if you like everything else about his or her profile and resume.
  • Some Experts fall into categories that are state licensed, such as attorneys and mental health counselors.  In these cases, you will likely have to choose an Expert within your state.  However, it is best to check with the Expert during scheduling to double-check, you don’t want to get to the consultation and realize that Expert can’t help you.
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