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Submit a Post to Webponder's Blog
Last updated: 06/01/2012
One great way to get a little more visibility on Webponder.com is to submit a post or video post to be featured on Webponder’s Blog.  Posts don’t need to be lengthy dissertations, they can be short and sweet, just a couple of paragraphs will do.  Although you can submit a blog post on any subject you like, your field of expertise is a good place to start, and may pique someone’s interest who is searching for someone to consult with in your field.

Members of Webponder.com, as well as unregistered visitors to the site, often read the Webponder Blog, as it provides up to date insights into a broad range of subjects, including Expert’s takes on their specialties, free tips and suggestions, current events, and how they all relate to each other.  Not only will your article be posted on the Webponder Blog, but we’ll post it on your profile page, and any social media you wish as well, showing you are an active and contributing Expert in your area of expertise.

Webponder’s Blog not only consists of written posts, but video posts as well.  Rather than put the pen to the paper, take a minute to record a video post, and submit it to the Webponder Blog for consideration to be posted.  If you are a Premium Expert you can also post that video to your profile page for any visitor’s to your page to view.  Not only that, if you think your post is worthy, you can make it viewable on your profile page only for a small fee.
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