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Maximize your Expert Profile's appeal
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For starters, make sure that you completely fill out your profile, try not to leave any sections blank.  Webponder will remove sections that you leave blank altogether to keep your profile looking clean, but having a line or two in a section is better than having nothing at all.

  • This one is obvious, be sure to upload a good, clear, profile photo.  An unflattering, blurry, or distant profile photo may result in prospective consultees simply scanning past you.  Photos uploaded from a digital camera generally look much better than photos snapped with your webcam.  Also, you should avoid having multiple people in your photo, or including Fido in the profile photo (unless you are a veterinarian).  For example, photos taken from far away of you at your desk with a bunch of distractions in the background are some of the least viewed profiles.  Look professional!
  • For Premium Members: Record an Intro Video.  A well done Intro Video will go a long way in helping prospective consultees see who you are, get to know you, and feel like they have connected with you.  The video will undoubtedly give consultees a glimpse into what you can offer in a consultation, and connect with them in a way that simply viewing a profile and reading a resume can not do.  See our article Tips for Recording an Intro Video to help you get the best results.
  • Be sure to upload your resume.  Although this will be a little repetitive as you will likely be repeating some of your resume information into your profile fields, some people prefer to learn about you by reviewing a resume, and may even want to print it out, so don’t sell yourself short by not uploading your resume.
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