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Get the most out of your Online Consultation
Last updated: 05/11/2012

If you are new to speaking in a video chat format, the following are a few things you will want to take note of and keep in mind during your video consult:

  • Speak a little slower than usual, and make sure you give the other party enough time to respond.  Short delays are common, and therefore you want to minimize the amount of time you are both trying to talk simultaneously.
  • Eliminate other distractions.  Although it may be convenient to video consult from home, if your dog is barking or your kids are climbing on your back, you certainly are not going to get the most out of your time.  We recommend treating it as if you are in the Expert’s office, which you pretty much are.
  • Have an outline of what you wish to discuss.  It never fails, you get in front of the Expert and forget some of the most important things you were thinking before the consultation.  Just jot down a few lines to make sure you touch base on everything you wanted to.
And a few quick other notes:
  • Look directly into the camera when you are speaking, rather than at yourself or at the other person on the screen.
  • Although it is more important for you to see the Expert than the Expert see you, you still want to look your best!  Try lighting up the room with a desk lamp at a minimum.
  • Don’t interrupt with your thoughts the moment they spring into your head, take it down in the Notes section to touch on it before you complete the consultation.
  • Choose a good background.  You don’t want a ton of distraction, or a huge mess behind you.
  • Minimize your movement, this isn’t an aerobics class (unless you are in an aerobics class, then you probably should be moving all over the place).
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