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This electronic privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) outlines what information Webponder, LLC (“Webponder”) collects from visitors, members, experts, and users (collectively “Users”) of www.Webponder.com, and how that information is used, shared, and protected by Webponder.


Although users of www.Webponder.com are free to browse and view the website without providing Webponder with any personally identifiable information, users of www.Webponder.com that sign up for a membership with Webponder or that use the services provided by Webponder, are required to provide some personally identifiable information, such as a name, email, phone number, etc…  If you elect to sign up with Webponder for a membership, or if you use Webponder’s services, you are granting Webponder the right to use the personally identifiable information you provide, as described in this Privacy Policy.


1. Registration


Due to the web based nature of Webponder’s business, to complete the registration process, Webponder may ask Users for basic personally identifiable information such as a name, address, phone number, email, and billing information.


2. Information


For members who are signing up with Webponder for the purpose of offering advice (“Experts”) to other members, in order to register and pay for the use of Webponder’s services, and in some cases, to verify the identity and credentials of an Expert, Webponder requires the Expert to disclose his or her first and last name, address, phone number, email, billing information, and professional license, association, or certification information.


For Members who wish to register to receive online consultations from Experts who do not charge a consultation fee, Webponder requires the Member to disclose his or her first and last name and email only.


For Members who wish to register and receive online consultations from Experts who charge a consultation fee, Webponder requires the Member to disclose his or her first and last name, date of birth, phone number, email, billing information, and billing address.


The above information that is collected is used by Webponder to effectively provide you with Webponder’s services, to maintain your account, to facilitate communication with you, for billing and accounting purposes, and for general record keeping.


Webponder does not sell, lease, or share your personally identifiable information to any third parties other than described in this Privacy Policy.


Further, in an effort to improve the services provided by Webponder, Webponder uses various tools and software to collect data and information regarding visitor’s usage and browsing tendencies on www.Webponder.com.  This data and information includes the types of browsers, internet service providers, visitor activities and tendencies, and operating systems used by visitors, various pages that are viewed by visitors, and other usage statistics and behaviors.  This information is used solely in an effort to improve the experience of visitors while on www.Webponder.com.


Like most other websites, Webponder uses cookies.  A cookie is a small data file that the browser places on a hard drive that websites use for administrative purposes.  Cookies help track user patterns, help to maintain the website, and store information such as registration information and your username so that you do not have to log in every time you visit Webponder.  Webponder does not store any personally identifiable information in cookies.


3. Sharing


Webponder will not share your personally identifiable information with third parties other than outlined in this Privacy Policy and in the following ways:


  • To comply with federal or state law or regulation;
  • To comply with a Court order, or a the judicial process;
  • For the protection of the rights or property of Webponder, or its Users; or
  • To enforce any portion of the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, or other agreement with Webponder.


www.Webponder.com contains various links to outside websites not owned by or controlled by Webponder.  Please be advised that Webponder is not familiar with and does not control any other websites privacy practices or security measures.  When visiting any other Website other than Webponder, please refer to their Privacy Policies.


4. Correspondence


Webponder may send to its Users the following unsolicited information, in an effort to keep www.Webponder.com running in an orderly fashion:


  • Confirmation emails regarding registration and payments;
  • Notification emails regarding requested, scheduled, and cancelled meetings;
  • Notification of pending messages in user’s Webponder Inbox;
  • Requests for reviews of www.Webponder.com and of other Users of www.Webponder.com; and
  • Promotions, special offers, and coupons for discounts on Webponder services, which you can voluntarily “opt out” of via a link on the bottom of the email.


5. Review, Correct, and Update


Per Webponder’s Terms of Service, it is the responsibility of each User of Webponder to keep their personal and contact information current and accurate.  In the event a User needs to update his or her personal or contact information, please view the “My Account” tab, click on the hyperlink “Edit” next to the appropriate category, and change accordingly.


6. Security


Webponder implements industry standard security measures in an effort to protect against unauthorized viewing, use, disclosure, and destruction, in an effort to keep your personally identifiable information, billing information, and lines of communication secure.


All video consultations are intended to be secure and confidential, and only viewable between the parties communicating.  However, despite the variety of security procedures implemented, it is impossible to secure connections between computers communicating via an online connection to the same level of security as during an in person meeting.  No online connection between parties can be absolutely guaranteed to be secure and impenetrable by a third party.  Users of Webponder should keep this in mind when determining what information to communicate when using www.Webponder.com.  Webponder will not be responsible or held liable for any breach of security


7. Updates


Webponder reserves the right to change, modify, or update this Privacy Policy from time to time as Webponder sees fit, without prior notification to the Users.  By visiting www.Webponder.com, you are accepting this Privacy Policy as it is written now, as well as how it may be modified in the future.  It is your responsibility to visit the Privacy Policy page and stay updated with any future modifications.  Further, you agree to be notified of Privacy Policy changes, if at all, only via email, or pop-up window upon login to your Webponder account.


If any modification to the Privacy Policy results in a material change to how Webponder will use your personally identifiable information, you will have an opportunity to object to the change of use, and said change will not be applied to your current contract with Webponder.


8. Contact


If you wish to contact Webponder to discuss this Privacy Policy or how your information is stored, used, or disclosed, or if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to visit Webponder’s “Contact Us” page for Webponder’s email, phone number, and mailing address, and contact Webponder at your convenience to discuss any questions or concerns.




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