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Sherwin Hua Medical/Mental Health
Sherwin Hua Neurosurgery Redwood City, California
About Me Dr. Sherwin Hua is a Hopkins trained, board certified neurosurgeon who specializes in brain and spinal disorders and neurosurgical pain management. Dr. Hua has learned through his vast experience with brain and spinal disorders that less invasive and being less aggressive with surgery is often better for the patient. The balance between doing enough to relieve the symptoms and letting the body heal itself versus doing too much which can cause more problems in the future is often a fine line that takes years of experience to learn. Because Dr. Hua specializes in both spine surgery and neurosurgical pain management, he can quickly determine whether traditional surgery, DIME SPINE surgery, Lamina Preserving Surgery, or pain procedures such as spinal cord stimulation is most effective for your unique situation. Dr. Hua's expertise allows him to evaluate each particular patient and each particular situation and provide a detailed comprehensive treatment program that fits the particular patient and situation.
Professional Experience Dr. Hua specializes in neurosurgery, spine surgery, and neurosurgical pain management. Dr. Hua focuses on the most minimally invasive procedures to treat the problem and to prevent the need for further surgery. Dr. Hua developed the concept of DIME SPINE surgery to describe his technique of performing most single level spine surgeries through a Dime Sized Incision, including most fusions. Dr. Hua also coined the term- Lamina Preserving Surgery, which avoids laminectomy and preserves the anatomy and stability of the spine. These procedures include foraminotomy for the lower back and neck, which avoids fusing the spine and laminoplasty for the neck which also avoids laminectomy and preserves stability while avoiding a fusion. Furthermore, Dr. Hua is also an expert in spinal cord stimulation which can treat pain when surgery has failed or when traditional surgery has a low likelihood of success. Come see Dr. Hua for an initial consultation or for a second opinion.
Educational Experience Dr. Hua completed undergraduate and medical school studies at Northwestern University under the combined B.A./ M.D. program, Honors Program in Medical Education. Within this accelerated program Dr. Hua also completed a 5 year Ph.D. in the Neuroscience Institute of Northwestern. His doctoral thesis involved neural network models of neural development and learning. He then finished surgical internship and neurosurgery residency at world renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital, one of the original hospitals where Harvey Cushing founded and developed the field of neurosurgery more than 100 years ago.
Training Experience Board Certification- American Board of Neurological Surgery Residency- Johns Hopkins Hospital, Neurological Surgery Personalized Service Dr. Hua brings nearly a decade of experience treating patients with complex spine and brain disorders. He has performed over 2,000 surgeries and has taken care of thousands of patients with neurosurgical and pain issues. He brings this wealth of experience into every consultation and every surgery. Because every patient and situation is different, Dr. Hua practices the art of neurosurgery one patient at a time. Innovation Dr. Hua has over 40 publications and presentations and holds several patents on minimally invasive techniques in spine and brain surgery. He is continually striving to improve patient care and outcomes in neurosurgery and spine surgery using the latest in advanced technology. This innovative approach is critical for patient care where a unique treatment is designed for each individual patient and problem.
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