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Orlando Castanon
Criminal Traffic Personal Injury/Medical Malpractice
Orlando Castanon Seguin, Texas
About Me Now a San Antonio lawyer, Orlando Castañon grew up a Seguin native with small town principles and values, which were solidified by him earning his Eagle Scout. It's with that foundation that causes Orlando Castañon to always strive to do what is right. As an athlete, Orlando Castañon was a fierce competitor who excelled in football and dominated the soccer field. It's with that spirit of competition and will to succeed that keeps him motivated to do his best. Growing up, Orlando Castañon wouldn't hesitate to stand up for others when they were being bullied, and he wouldn't back down even if the odds were against him. Orlando Castañon has spent his entire life standing up for others, when no one else would. His strong faith leads him not to judge others for what they may have done, but instead he lends his voice to the commitment that justice must remain blind.
Professional Experience Orlando Castañon has built his career as a trial lawyer continuing his spirit to stand up and fight for others. He's helped thousands of people in need of legal help. He's handled a long range of criminal charges such as DWI, Theft, Assault, Sexual Assault, Aggravated Sexual Assault, Drug Possession and Delivery, Copy Right Infringement, Welfare Fraud, Burglary, Robbery, and First degree Murder. Whether it’s a traffic ticket or drug trafficking, Orlando Castañon has been there to help his clients receive the fair treatment we all deserve. Orlando Castañon has also helped clients in matters of Divorce and Child Custody. He has helped deserving parent fight to keep or get back their children. He’s tried cases against CPS, and protected clients from having their parental rights terminated and their children taken from them. When the Attorney General has attempted to put people in jail for back child support, Orlando Castañon has stepped in and fought to keep his clients working so they can continue to support their family. Additionally, when clients have been sidelined by an Auto Accident, Orlando Castañon has helped them get back on their feet. He puts a stop to the insurance companies giving you the run around, and deals with the them so you don’t have to. He helps to make sure clients receive the medical attention they need and the compensation they deserve.
Educational Experience A 1998 graduate of Texas State University, Orlando Castañon earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a Minor in Mathematics. He then pursued his dream to be a Criminal Defense Lawyer by continuing his education at Texas Tech University School of Law. There he interned for a County Court Judge and at the Lubbock DA's office, where he first began successfully trying cases as a Student Lawyer. He graduated law school a semester early in 2001. He is currently an active member of both the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and the San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.
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