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Rate Sheet
$175.00 1 hour
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Marixsa Montanez
Business Consulting
Marixsa M. Montanez & Associates, LLC Miami, Florida
About Me Ms. Marixsa M. Montanez, Founder and President, is an expert negotiator and experienced collector who has been in the industry for over a decade. Her hands-on approach is key to her success in achieving results. Notably, Ms. Montanez assisted in the collection/repossession of Florida's largest to date foreclosure action, and has successfully negotiated/collected over $16.9 million dollars in debts.
Professional Experience Marixsa M. Montanez & Associates specializes in various debt collection services. With over 20 years of combined experience, we prevent delinquencies from becoming write-offs and produce successful results without the need for illegal "scare tactics" and unethical practices which may jeopardize our clients. Our collection methods are effective, tough, professional and more importantly, legal. Our clients, their businesses and their reputations are our utmost priority. Our goal is to collect what is owed, and help our clients keep their clients.
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