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Rate Sheet
$150.00 1 hour
$113.00 45 mins
$75.00 30 mins
$38.00 15 mins
Available for free consultation
Daniel Valverde Health/Fitness
Sport Specific Child Fitness Coaching Martial Arts
MMA Masters Miami, Florida
About Me Daniel Valverde was born on the 10th of August 1976 in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. Daniel is the son of Belmiro Valverde, a Judo black belt. Belmiro (who actively competed until he was well in his 60’s) started teaching his son the Judo game from the age of 4 and saw Daniel graduate as a black belt when he was 19 (in 1995).
Professional Experience In 1991 Daniel Valverde added Jiu Jitsu to his arsenal, as a way to compliment his Judo. His gym – Academia Shiozawa – gave BJJ as part of their curriculum, and so Daniel’s first instructor in the “arte suave” was Mestre Serrinha. He stayed with Serrinha until he was a purple belt, competing often for the team and meeting on the opposite side of the mats the man that would later become his good friend, Rodrigo Nogueira (aka Minotauro), Valverde would defeat Minotauro in a jiu-jitsu super fight in 1996 as a purple belt. Oswaldo Alves came into Valverde’s life as Daniel moved to Rio de Janeiro and started training with the legendary coach, earning both his brown belt and black belt from Alves – Black belt graduation in 2001. In the early 2000’s Daniel decided to travel to America. After establishing himself and competing for a few years in the US. Daniel met his old friend, Rodrigo Nogueira, who had since their days in Bahia, become a super star in MMA. Rodrigo would later invite Valverde to be part of his staff, in the form of grappling coach at the hit reality show “TUF” (The Ultimate Fighter). When in the show, Daniel ended up getting involved in a harsh exchange of words with one of the contestants, Vinny Magalhaes. The rivalry ended up being settled on the Grapplers Quest show in a friendly Grappling competition (super fight). Valverde was smaller then his opponent, but made good use of his strong top game to defeat Magalhaes. In 2009 Daniel Valverde paired up with Cesar Carneiro to found a new MMA team called MMA Masters, Valverde being the wrestling and BJJ coach, while Carneiro taught the stand up realm of the game.
Training Judo Black Belt (1995) Jiu Jitsu Black Belt (2001)
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