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Rate Sheet
$100.00 1 hour
$100.00 1 hour
$75.00 45 mins
$50.00 30 mins
$25.00 15 mins
Bob Freit
Hearing Aid Dispenser
NJ Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser Toms River, New Jersey
About Me I am a NJ Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser, State License No. 25MG00124. I got interested in the hearing aid dispensing business when my mother needed a hearing aid. Have you ever wondered how come you can hear people talk but you can't understand them? How do you find out if you need a hearing aid? Why is there such a wide difference in the cost of hearing aids? If those questions sound familiar, I can tell you what you need to know before you buy a hearing aid to help take away the mystery and fear associated with the process.
Professional Experience I am presently employed by a national hearing aid company.
Educational Experience B.S in Economics, University of South Carolina
Training Certificate in Hearing Health Sciences from International Institute for Hearing Instruments Studies, Livonia, MI
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