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About Us

Welcome to Webponder, a community based social media website where anyone can video-chat face to face with experts in a variety of fields, and get answers to questions or problems in real time. Some Experts specialize in your day to day needs and questions, while others specialize in more unique areas. Now, with just a few clicks of your mouse, you can get credible, reliable advice from anywhere in the nation.

There are video-chat websites out there, and there are websites that can refer you to Experts, but there has never been a combination of both quite like Webponder. Although you may have taken part in video-chat sessions before, you've probably never come across a site where you can browse through dozens of Experts, choose an Expert of your liking, and set up an immediate face to face meeting via video-chat. Webponder removes the geographical limitations and hassles of in person meetings, and gives you a central website where you can find an Expert to meet with in the comfort of your own home.

If you are uncomfortable with the responses you found elsewhere on the internet, and want to avoid the hassle of traveling to an office, Webponder is the solution. The days of relying on a random message board from an unidentified person with unknown credentials are over.

Keep in mind Webponder was not only designed to put the people that are in need of information in touch with the people who have the information, but also was designed as a tool to help improve the lines of communication with existing client-Expert relationships. Don't just use Webponder as a referral source, start saving time by booking your meetings with existing clients via Webponder, rather than in person.

As many people often wonder how they got by before the internet, we sincerely hope that one day you wonder where you received credible information and answers before Webponder.
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